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Thursday 18 December 2014

SPAM Central

With this web blog having received 1192 comments -- perhaps all of which would be found to be link spam of some kind, if all read individually -- and so, evidently, the blog framework itself has not been able to filter those out, I think it's well enough to reconsider whether I may recommend the Dotclear web log engine for any further applications. Though certainly, I would not expect this web log to catch much attention of any stereotypical industry analysis, but I had not either wished for this web log to become any manner of a jumpoff point for spam-bots, in how those would try to add so many "False positives" to any content stream, such that would be analyzed by any web-crawling engines.

It may well be pointless to continue developing this web resource, anyway. Between legions of pessimists and crowds of opportunists in the modern social landscape, there would not seem to be much remaining of the social world, to develop anything by or for. Perhaps the world has all become one globe-spanning self-sustaining industry, after all?

Wednesday 10 December 2014

National libraries

This will be a short note, as presently the author is preoccupied of the design of the (MCi) projects architecture.

In a context of the MCi Fourier Ethnographic Conservatory Portal (ECP) -- as, presently, the central design for the web portal would be denoted, under the MCi Fourier projects -- specifically with regards to central access for online resources published of national and cultural libraries (mci-inbiblio project) but there is much that the author may be unable to denote, lest the author's brevity be mistaken as if it was to be made any leverage of, for any mere, trivial opportunism. 

Barring much, for that concern: But there are libraries, as anyone familiar with a metropolitan climate might be aware of. The author had wished to share a note about two libraries that the author has been made aware of, today, but it is not for any trivial opportunism. If the author is presently unable to present such information without it being consumed by an audience the author would not whatsoever personally invite to such resources, the author will endeavor to avoid such a mistake by all reasonable means.

Monday 20 October 2014

A Survey of IDEs, with a Selection in the MetaCommunity Project

A short list of available integrated development environment (IDE) platforms, with a short selection for development of applications in the MetaCommunity Project.

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Monday 13 October 2014

Documenting a Design Decision: Documentation Framework for the AFFTA Source Tree

This article comprises the documentation of a single design decision in the development of Another Framework for Functional Test Automation (AFFTA). The design decision described of this article is to address a question, thoroughly: What documentation framework will be used for developing the documentation of the AFFTA source tree? This effective conclusion of the design decision, documented in this article, is to apply a framework using the DocBook schema and stylesheets, together with the Saxon XSLT engine -- developed by Saxonica Ltd.
After the conclusion of the design decision, furthermore, this article is extended with a discussion as towards development of a system for publishing the documentation of the AFFTA source tree, to a conclusion: To implement a stand-alone server using CL-HTTP. 

This article provides references to those resources, within the article's main section.

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Monday 15 September 2014

Thoughts Beside a Morning Coffee - Applications and the Contemporary Desktop Systems Environment

An outline of a thesis, in a short form: 
    • an applications and interfaces framework, standardized in specifications published by the Object Management Group (OMG)
    • Keynote: GIOP
  • Real-world microkernel architectures in desktop, server, and mobile platforms
  • Xen
  • X Window System
  • NoMachine
    • NoMacihne for the People
    • Getting Started with NoMachine
    • Because:
      • NX
      • Google Chrome is a lag-o-monster (desktop. Microsoft Windows 8.1 platform)
      • Qt's Webkit may be re-used not only on Linux desktops and the Safari web browser
      • Much respect for the Mozilla Foundation, however I am not so much a fan of the GTK implementation of the Cairo UI toolkit
  • And furthermore...
    • What does "An Application" mean?
      • any single, classical desktop interface model?
      • ...or in a context of a mobile computing platform?
        • whether with regards to "native code" mobile computing applications?
        • or web-based mobile applications? cf. jQuery, CSS, and HTML5?
      • ...or in a context of a network environment, viz a viz Citrix and the Xen Project? also as cf. Citrix Receiver
  • A more efficient desktop computing architecture can be designed, as to not firstly depend on HTTP.

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Introducing the CIIDR Project

In a short format: 
  • Once upon a time: MIT CADR was a DARPA funded project
  • Later: Xerox PARC was founded by Xerox
  • Later: NeXT, as an original desktop computing platform, was developed by Steve Jobs & c. Later, Steve Jobs was re-hired by Apple.
  • Meanwhile: Linux
  • Today: CADR schematics; FPGAs; EDA tools
  • One day, perhaps: Application networks for orbital industrial network nodes? towards all the shiny things in outer space? Today, there's also the Fieldbus Foundation.
  • Tomorrow? More "Work Journal"

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Falling out of the Cloud - Adobe Dw CS5.5, CS6, and Free/Open Source Alternatives

This is another rambling article, in which I endeavor to collect a set of my own comments about a single topic, as indicated in the title of the article.

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Friday 12 September 2014

A Survey of Functional Testing Methods and Models, Towards Another Framework for Functional Test Automation (AFFTA) in a Common Lisp Platform

This is a fairly rambling piece of writing, but it endeavors to cover a broad subject area in only a short manner of time. Topics:

  1. Unit testing
    • Test elements (return values for functions, condition events for forms, message texts within protocols, etc)
    • Test specification format, focusing on OASIS TAM and TAML
    • Semantics for test collection and test indexing, similarly focusing on OASIS TAM and TAML
    • Test reporting format (towards EPUB) to effectively extend OASIS TAM and TAML
  2. Process automation
    • Process definition
    • Activity
  3. Reports generation (towards EPUB)
  4. Auth model (Central LDAP server for developer network? NSS available on Linux hosts)

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Wednesday 10 September 2014

Concerning the Philosophy and Literature of the Foundations of the Mathematical Sciences and the "State of the Art"

In this article: Resources, philosophy, science, though nothing much of the performing arts.

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Research Notes: Analysis of Periodic Waveforms - Rectangular (Cartesian) and Polar Notations - Extending the CLIM Geometric Model

Anecdotes proceeding to: A discussion of polar and Cartesian coordinate planes, as in regards to each, their applications for notation of complex numbers.

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Monday 8 September 2014

Research Notes: Towards a Cross-Domain Application of Elemental Software Engineering Testing Processes within Electrical Engineering - Clyde Project, EE Work Area // EDA Work Area

This is a brief comment that I would like to share, presently, in its first draft edition. My thesis, in this article, is represented primarily of the title of this article. It's a thesis that would require some research, to further develop.

Here is draft 1 of my thesis item, to which effect.

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A Short Few Comments After NI Multisim, EDA, Systems Modeling Platforms, and SysML -- Clyde Project -- EDA Work Area -- Tech Notes

As a a student, presently, of DeVry University Online (DVUO) studying under DVUO's electronics and computing programs, I've gained some simple, practical exposure to a number of software-based tools, such as are provably in use in "The industry". One of those tools is National Instruments (NI) Multisim -- thatm, beside the item more my favorite, NI LabView, noting the latter's novel data flow programming langauge, 'G' and its novel graphical user interface, perhaps "too easy" to emulate in Common Lisp.

Multisim is an EDA platform. To my point of view, it much resembles Altera's FPGA design platform -- and that, also resembling Xilinix' ISE WebPack, an FPGA design platform available from another FPGA manufacturer. As an EDA platform, Multisim is may also be denoted as it being in a "same application domain" as some free/open source tools with nice, desktop-based GUI elements -- incuding Frtizing and KiCAD. Beyond the GUI domain, in a free/open source EDA platform -- candidly, if not  essentially, one of "my favorites" -- there's are also a number of "non-GUI" HDL and circuit simulation tools, including NGSPICE.

If I had some Existing work" to "Show for it," presently, I might enjoy if I could easily illustrate, here, how these items may pertain to the Clyde project's work area in regards to circuit modeling -- as I had denoted, previously, in this work journal of the containing MetaCommunity project -- focusing mainly on SysML, as SysML being a vendor-neutral modeling meta-language.

My not having so much "Existing work" to paint that out with, easily, I might just be able to denote such matter in a short note, such as this. SysML pertains to EDA modeling. Candidly, it's nothing so much of buzzwords.

Saturday 6 September 2014

A Study in Chartreuse: JSDAI and STEPMod, Measurements and Network Services

Towards defining a meta-model for an application in electrical design automation (EDA), I've begun a short study of the JSDAI source code, this morning. -- in the process of which: Some thoughts about measurement, and some thoughts about source code repositories.

Context: Clyde Portal project at

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Research Notes: SDAI for Knowledge Modeling in Electronic Design Automation

This is a sort of rambling notes page, tonight, in beginning a study of ISO 10303, SDAI, and the SDAI an implementation in Java, namely JSDAI -- primarily, for their respective applications within electronic design and automation (EDA) tools in an electrical engineering (EE) design environment.

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Towards a Design of the Web - 'Fourier' and 'Clyde' Web Portals

In this article:

  1. I endeavor to explain my present deep sense of distaste for Twitter, and my deep sense of chagrin for having thought Twitter could be such a forum for development of social progress. That's not so much to the design of the Twitter web service, but I would not wish to begin any too ad hominem dissertation, of which effects.
  2. I endeavor to explain the present hiatus on project 1.
  3. I endeavor to describe projects nr. 2 -- the clyde portal -- and nr. 3 -- the fourier portal
  4. with a buttered nothing for infighting

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Wednesday 27 August 2014

Notes Sheet: Dotclear Weblog Server at, 2nd Edition provides a Dotclear web log service, as an optional service available under any domain name registered to Documentation is available about the Dotclear web log service, via

The following article represents the editor's own technical notes (Edition 2) as with regards to the Dotclear weblog hosting service at

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Tuesday 26 August 2014

MetaCommunity Project -- Statement of Principles and Practice

Dear reader, welcome to the work blog of the MetaCommunity Project

This web log -- i.e. "Blog" -- is running the Dotclear 'blog framework, in a Dotclear instance hosted by is the DNS, Blog and Email service provider to the MetaCommunity Project online.

The MetaCommunity Project was begun, this week [...]

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